The AEB 4D Construction learning environment (version 3)

The AEB 4D Construction Learning Environment (Version 3, 2015) is a product of the Developing a 4-dimensional interdisciplinary learning environment for construction industry professionals project, funded by The Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT). Unless otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Project leader:

Dr Chris Landorf, School of Architecture, The University of Queensland

Project Team:

Associate Professor Graham Brewer, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle

Ms Kim Maund, School of Architecture and Built Environment, University of Newcastle

Mr Stephen Ward, Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia

Professor David Williams, School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland

Dr Trish Andrews, Teaching and Educational Development Institute, The University of Queensland

External evaluator:

Professor Stephen Loo, School of Architecture & Design, University of Tasmania

Application development:

Marc Steffens

Graphic design:


Virtual tour editing:

Rick Hill

Project manager:

Lorinne du Toit

The current virtual tour application is an adaptation (derivative work) of the AEB learning environment prototype (Version 1, 2013).

AEB learning environment prototype (version 1)

The prototype derives from developmental work undertaken by two projects:

  1. AEB 3D images produced by Developing and using a 4D Interdisciplinary learning environment based on the UQ Advanced Engineering Building Project, funded in 2010 by a Teaching and Learning Strategic Grant at The University of Queensland
    • Chris Landorf
    • Ben Sheehan, Calum Prasser, Rick Hill
    • School of Architecture, UQ
    • Ian Cameron
    • Marc Steffens, Jayesh Naran
    • School of Chemical Engineering, UQ
    • David Williams
    • School of Civil Engineering, UQ
    • Special thanks to: Richard Kirk, Architect, Hassell and Watpac Construction Pty Ltd
  2. Virtual Tour design work and application coding developed during an ALTC funded (2006-2009) project reported in

    Cameron, I, Crosthwaite, C, Shallcross D, Kavanagh, J, Barton, G, Maynard, N, Tade, M, Hoadley, A (2009) Development, Deployment and Educational Assessment of Advanced Immersive Learning Environments for Process Engineering. Strawberry Hills: ALTC. Available from (accessed 18/06/2014)

Project Partners

Supported By:

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